Local Adventures

Discover Seward Alaska

Listed by National Geographic Adventure Magazine as one of the top ten destination resorts in the United States, Seward is a postcard waiting for the scrapbook. Whether by car or train, the journey along Alaska Hwy 1 (Alaska’s only National Scenic Byway) makes the visit worthwhile in itself. Upon arriving in Seward, guests are treated to one of the most spectacular vistas in the world. Perched on the end of the road, Seward is complemented by the rugged Chugiak Mountains which descend right into the Pacific Ocean creating a scene of intense natural beauty whether it is basking in the light of the unending summer day or the quite majesty of the snow covered winter night.

Discover Alaska By Sea

Salmon & Halibut Fishing

The halibut and salmon fishing out of Seward is world class. If you’re a big fisherman then you probably already have heard about the halibut fishing here. If you’re not a big fisherman, the thrill of catching a big halibut is still available. The charter captains supply all the gear and the deck hands will be happy to help you to land a big one.

Kenai Fjords Glacier & Nature Cruises

Discover the tide-water glaciers in the Kenai Fjords National Park, and observe the animals abundant in this slice of nature, including whales, puffins, eagles, mountain goats and sea lions. No where else in Alaska will you have the opportunity to see more kinds of marine life in the span of one tour and throw in the experience of seeing building-size chunks of ice calving into the ocean.  These tours run between $120 and $175 per adult, and some offer on-board meals or buffets.

Kayaking & Paddle Boarding

Resurrection Bay is surrounded by mountains or islands on all sides, making it a great area for beginning kayakers. Half day, full day and multi day tours are all available. All the local kayak & paddle boarding companies will provide the training necessary for beginners to take tours. For the advanced kayaker, there are multi-day guided tours or you can rent kayaks by the half day or full day for an adventure on your own. Some adventure companies will fly you into remote bays and lakes to paddle board through icebergs and glaciers. 

Discover Alaska By Air

Most of Alaska is only accessible by air, and a flight-seeing tour should be on your list of things to do. It's the only way to get a grasp of just how vast and remote most of Alaska is. Regular planes, pontoon planes and helicopters are all available here. Seward is the best jump off point to fly over the Harding Ice field and its glaciers or out over Prince William Sound.

Helicopter Rides

Though access to Seward is a rare and narrow slice through the Alaska wilderness, most of Kenai Fjords National park is only accessible via air or sea. If you really want to get up close and personal with hundreds of miles of untouched wilderness, and vast glaciers, take a helicopter to the top of a glacier or soar across the wild. 

Plane Rides

Soar above remote Alaskan wilderness for a tour of the untouched landscape that you’ll never forget. Land on remote lakes, witness unclimbable glaciers, and experience Alaska in all of it’s grandeur. 

Flight + Glacier + Dogsled

The ultimate Alaskan Adventure is a plane or helicopter rides up on top of a remote glacier for an afternoon of dogsledding across one of Alaska’s most foreboding and magnificent landscapes

Discover Alaska By Land

Dog Sledding

That’s right; believe it or not, Seward has a couple of the best sled dog tours in Alaska. Mitch Seavey, winner of the 2004 Iditarod Sled Dog Race has a summer-time, land based tour operation that is second to none.The land based and glacier based tours are different enough that doing them both is not redundant. I highly recommend these tours. Tours run $59 per adult for IdidaRide to $400 per adult for Godwin Glacier.

Alaska Railroad

The train leaves Anchorage daily at 6:30am, arriving in Seward around 11:00. It departs Seward at 6:00pm and arrives back in Anchorage around 10:00. It is a two hour drive between Seward and Anchorage, but the train takes a leisurely 4 hours so you have plenty time to take in the scenery while enjoying morning coffee or an after dinner drink. Most of the route is through uninhabited territory which is only accessible by the train. This is an outstanding way to see the back country.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding tours are available here in Seward on the Resurrection River delta, or about a one hour drive to Cooper Landing for backcountry rides. (Rides start at $60.)

Discover Historic Downtown Seward

Alaska Sea Life Center

At the south end of town near the old railroad depot, the Alaska SeaLife Center is a world-renown center for research, rehabilitation, and education. As an active research facility, the science and research arm manages marine & wild life populations across the North Pacifica and Bering Sea. As an aquarium & education center, it is a fun and informative visit for the whole family. 

Downtown Seward

Seward features a historic downtown with shop and restaurants. It is a pleasant walk from our inns down main street to the Sea Life Center, and along the water front. Seward is an integral part of the history of Alaska. Long before white settlers arrived, this area was home to several groups of Alaska natives who relied on the salmon-rich streams and protected coastal waters for their survival. Once Americans purchased Alaska from the Russia in 1867, Seward became the launch point into the Alaskan wilderness and features “Mile 0” of the Alaskan highway system and the historic railroad. 


Seward has some of the most breathtaking hikes in the country. The most famous is Mount Marathon, a  3000 foot climb towering over downtown. Every year, Seward hosts the Mount Marathon race, where athletes scramble up the shale and cliffs and control slide down the mountain. While the extreme adventure race attracts top elite athletes from around the world, the mountain is also a accessible day hike through rainforest, high-mountain valley, and a rocky peak with 360 degree views of the fjord, bay, town, and mountain ranges stretching as far as the eye can see. 

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